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  Results Driven Captivating Web Design & Online Marketing.  

From large corporations to start
up companies, we empower
businesses to succeed online. 
  Ranking expertise is only one part of what makes Squid Productions stand out. We also pride ourselves on our ability to deliver outstanding service which you will rave about.   Captivating, Engaging HD Productions. World Class experience to transform your
ideas into powerful, pursuasive presentations on screen.

Who Are We? a business? Do not pass go, do not collect $200, start here!

Who We Are…

Doing business (& life) extraordinarily.

The only way to get noticed is to do something WORTH NOTICING…

We’re an awesome community and mentor for business owners who roll their eyes at everyone’s ‘newsletter’ and want to learn fresh, imaginative and standout ways to hijack the business sea of heroic sameness (located 180º north of tedious boredom.)

We help the lost, the confused, and the marketing anxious learn how to take their business and gracefully massacre mass produced tactics that don’t even work (nobody wants your free ‘exclusive’ offers or monthly newsletter showing your new work) and use the unexpected as a lethal sales weapon that no competitor can touch.

But most of all? We help you assassinate ‘business as usual’ and have awesome fun creating a splendidly outstanding foundation to create ultimate success. So you can absolutely love your business and your life. Because if you’re not loving life and having fun, then you might as well be dead and being dead sucks (both physically and in a metaphoric business sense).

Oh and we’ve won a few awards in the process too… not that we want to brag, though these accolades show we really are as awesome as we say.

We have big plans for you! Plans for you to be one of those smug yuppies you hate but look up to, who make a ton of money, despite everyone who once rolled their eyes at them.

It’s those ‘stupid’ enough to believe they can, that do…We put your ‘crazy, awesome, creative ideas into action, so they work!
Stand with us, standing out in the sea of sameness!


Founder Sarah Robinson’s Story How It All Got Started.

Born (yes 1990 that is not a typo)

2004- First job wait for it… swimming with wild dolphins every day. The beginning of my extraordinary.

2007- Continues taking tourists swimming with wild dolphins, filming them underwater every day, meeting amazing people from all over the world and literally spending more time in the ocean than on land!

2008- Studies screen and media to put some type of qualification to justify that swimming with dolphins is classified as actual work

2008- Films and presents with the BBC on Emmy nominated international wildlife documentary ‘Ocean Giants’. Loved it!

2009- Striving to live to full potential (unfortunately more than swimming with amazing dolphins) Creates Squids Productions… yes at 19 years old, with a focus on outstanding marketing and creating amazing success for businesses

2010- Films a few more wildlife documentaries for ABC and other production houses, which means sitting silently in a camo cubby house watching an endangered bird sleep on camera for endless hours a day, either in extreme heat or freezing cold. I am the most impatient person in the world.

Also wins first business award for Owner Operator Business of the Year and also a finalist as Business Person of the Year after just a year in business.
Awards = worldly recognition for being extraordinary. Yesss I’m on track!!

2011- Falls obsessively in love with understanding behaviour, marketing and writing, creatively loving the never-ending challenges in business. Emphasise the NEVER- ENDING. Infinitely learning until brain is about to explode with marketing gems of sparkling diamonds (Tiffany ones).

Studies NLP to understand people’s behaviour and why they do the things they do to incorporate into creative and the most effective marketing possible.

2012- Nominated and finalist of Australia’s most prestigious business awards; Telstra Australian Business Awards in both People’s Choice Award and HTC Start Up Award. We got dressed up, drank good wine and got very excited.

Also went and trained dolphins and sea lions in the Philippines for a few weeks (yes dolphins again), filming another wildlife documentary.

Begins Crossfit- because if you do Crossfit, you have to tell the world about it every chance you get.

2013- Most challenging and eye opening year of my life (yes in my whole 23 years) with a back injury that left me unable to walk for 6 months and in agonising pain for another 8 BUT… Falls for a kitesurfing lover who reforms me back to health with love (What? Every story has a love story.)

2014- Has huge plans to continue to help business owners create growing empires, despite everyone who once rolled their eyes at them and me! Will you stand with us? Standing out in the sea of heroic sameness.

For everyone out there thinking to yourself that your dreams are unrealistic, YOU ARE WRONG.

For everyone out there chained by fear, telling yourself that you could lose everything, YOU ARE RIGHT.

And for everyone out there that, despite that knowledge, is still willing to risk it by fighting for something more out of this fleeting speck of time we’re granted here on earth, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL TRULY SUCCEED.

Because at the very least, you know that you did everything you could and strive to live to your true potential.

Very few people can say that. We will help you get there!

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